SantaCon 2017:

Bad-Santa Party Bus!


Saturday, December 9 1:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Santa’s boozy sleigh on wheels hitting all the hot-spots in the city with lots of goodies for Santa’s naughty helpers! 3 SantaCon’s in ONE BIG PARTY BUS!!

We are not only hitting the ORIGINAL SantaCon in Union Square…
but also cruise around the San Francisco city!!!

The party starts at the Original SantaCon in Union Square- hit up a few choice venues and crawl down to the North Beach where we will have pizza & Dirty Santa Drinklympics (Can Santa wrap a present blindfolded? Can Santa take a shot without using hands? And Santa vs. Elves tug-of-war) and then our magic sleigh comes to pick us up where we will be whisked away for a SantaCon Crawl-a-thon!